Current Research

Leaders in English Language Arts Education Research: Intellectual Self Portraits

Critical Digital Literacies: Boundary-Crossing Practices

The Contemporary Relevance of John Dewey’s Theories on Teaching and Learning: Deweyan Perspectives on Standardization, Accountability, and Assessment in Education (Routledge International Studies in the Philosophy of Education¬†


Much of my research has had to do with desire lines~or how individuals create their own paths in learning and education (specifically in critical & digital literacies); my current research is an extension of this same idea across different contexts:

  • Fine¬†Horses and Fair-Minded Riders: Modern Vaquero Horsemanship¬†(in press with Purdue University Press)

  • “Moving Power Around in the Secondary Classroom: Lessons from Fandom”~with Amy Crew & Margaret A. Robbins

  • “Super High-Grade Cultural Appropriation: Using Social Media to Critique Consumer Culture”
  • “Critical Digital Composing in a Pre- and In-Service English Methods Course”